Welcome to Catermax

Founded in 2010 as a high-level catering company with an affinity to great food and stellar bar services, Catermax is a subsidiary of the Corinthia Group of Companies.

Over the years, we have garnered a strong reputation for our refined, innovative, and creative food and service offerings, and today have realigned our strategy to target the contract catering business market more directly.

Our strength lies in our ability of bringing together food, the people who serve it, and the resources behind it, making us a trusted and creative partner.

Most recently we have realigned our strategy to meet the challenges of today’s market, with an exclusive focus on B2B contract catering. We believe that it is only by fine-tuning our operations that we are to become industry leaders within our segment.

We look forward to making your acquaintance.


It is only by putting together a team of professional, qualified, passionate and talented individuals that we can succeed in setting up bespoke services suited to the needs of each individual client.